Why you Should use Spring as a Java Developer

Jesse L
3 min readOct 2, 2021

Hi everyone, welcome back. Why should you use the Spring framework as a Java developer? Spring is a popular choice as a Java framework for a number of reasons. Spring focuses on speed, simplicity, and productivity which allows developers to write code faster and easier. Let’s get started by going over what a framework is.


Frameworks are typically used depending on the task that developers are trying to accomplish. Frameworks can make development work become easier and faster as they can provide additional tools and functions that are not provided within core Java. It’s not an absolute necessity to use frameworks, but they certainly do make the job a lot easier.

Frameworks can be used to complete tasks easier. Frameworks force developers to comply with design patterns which is a great practice for developers to familiarize themselves with as frameworks will dictate how applications are written. There will be learning curves to understanding how to use frameworks and Spring for Java is not an exception.

Spring Modules

Spring is known be a flexible framework that can be applied for a number of reasons. The Spring Framework is split into various modules that are each capable of various functionalities.

  • Core features include dependency injection, data binding, and type conversion.
  • The Spring Testing module provides functions to create mock objects, MVC Tests, and web tests.
  • Spring Data Access module provides functions regarding JDBC, Object-relational mapping, and transactions.
  • Spring Web modules provide functionalities for MVC, webclients, websockets, and Spring WebFlux which is used to create reactive web applications.
  • Springs Integration module provides functionalities for emailing, scheduling, and caching. It also supports Java Message Service or JMS, and Java Management Extension or JMX.

Spring Projects

There are a number of spring projects available that are built to run with low effort. These projects make it easy for developers to get started with Spring. There are a number of projects available here. These projects are built on…



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