Reasons to Consider a Computer Science Major in 2022

What is Computer Science?

Why is Computer Science Popular?

Computer Science Related Fields

  • Software Engineering: Developing computer software and applications. Tasks include designing, implementing, testing, and maintaining computer software, including mobile apps and web apps. Positions such as software engineer, developer positions, devops positions, and UI/UX designers are some positions within the software engineering process.
  • Data Scientist: Knowledge from data is used to solve a problem or to improve results. Data scientists use statistics and analytics to examine and study a dataset. New discoveries can be made from studying/examining the data, and these discoveries can provide data scientists with a solution to take an action to solve a problem or improve results. Positions such as artificial intelligence engineer, machine learning engineer, data scientist, and analyst positions are some positions within the data science field.
  • Information Technology(IT): The IT department typically manages the software, hardware, and networking capabilities within a company. Some common tasks include technological installations, creating and managing a secure infrastructure, and solving any technological related problems. some IT positions include network architect, network administrator, system administrator, or even any cyber security related positions.
  • Cyber Security: Protects computers(or any device) and networks from digital attacks. This includes protecting hardware, software, and user data. Applications, networks, databases, and clouds all need to be secured to protect against attacks. Identifying and addressing vulnerabilities is a common task among cyber security analysts, along with creating mitigations to reduce the risk of a vulnerability. Positions may include cyber security analyst, security administrator, cryptographer, and cyber software engineer.
  • Database Administrator: A database is used as a collection of data storage which can be used to interact with a software application. Tasks may be to create the database model which includes creating entities, properties of each entity, and relations to other entities, or to maintain database instances to ensure there are no errors with users attempting to access the data.
  • Computer Graphics: Creating digital images with computer software. Computer graphics programming includes working with special digital effects and animations. Designs created can be used for a number of different applications and purposes including video games, movies, advertisements, websites, and much more. Positions include graphic designers, game designer, web designer, UI/UX design, animator, or even a production artist.

How difficult is a Computer Science Major?





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