Hi everyone, welcome back. Today I’m going to talk about a fairly common issue found in many software development projects, and it is called ‘Dependency Hell.’ Dependency hell can happen to software developers, web developers, mobile application developers and more. It can also occur in nearly every popular programming language and sometimes dependency hell is unavoidable. Dependency hell is a term used to express frustration that developers come across that involve dependencies. So what is a dependency?

What is a Dependency?

A dependency is simply when a chunk of software relies on another chunk of software. Dependencies include third party packages and libraries written…

Hi everyone, welcome back. Are you new to the R programming language or wanting to learn the R programming language? You may have heard of Tidyverse or heard of libraries that are included within Tidyverse.


Let’s understand what a library is first. A software library is a set of files already written by a third party so you can use. No need to write new code if it already exists. No need to reinvent the wheel. Tidyverse is a collection of R libraries which focuses towards data science.

R Programming Language

R has been known to be a language used for statistics. R…

Hi everyone, welcome back. If you’re working on a data science project and using R, you will likely be wanting to use third party libraries to help complete tasks. This will be list of free open source libraries that you can use for data science purposes. A software library is a set of files already written by a third party so you can use. No need to write new code if it already exists!


If you’re using R for data science purposes, you’ll likely need some sort of data visualization tool to present your data. Ggplot2 is a great library…

Hi everyone, welcome back! You may have heard about quantum computing, but do you know what it is? Well, if you are interested in learning about what exactly quantum computing is and how it compares to classical computing, also known as binary computing and very commonly used currently, then you’ve come to the right place.

Quantum computing works differently than classical computing, which is why it has some buzz right now.

How Computer Calculations are Done

Essentially everything you do electronically will get broken down into a high level programming languages which translates down to low level programming languages to assembly language then finally to…

Hi everyone, welcome back. This tutorial will show how to send emails in Python. Sending out emails can be beneficial in your program for all sorts of different types of reasons. Let’s get started.

Let’s start with our imports

import smtplib
from email.mime.multipart import MIMEMultipart
from email.mime.text import MIMEText

These are the imports that we will use for this tutorial. smtplib is a library that can be used to set up a smtp client to send emails. SMTP stands for simple mail transfer protocol. The email.mime imports are used to format out email message together.

Now let’s set some variables…

Hi everyone, welcome back. On this cheat sheet, I will show how to perform basic tasks involving strings in Python. A string can be identified in Python by using quotation marks. Both single quote and double quotes can be used to create a string. For example, ‘python’ is a string and “python” is also a string. We will go over many string related functions in this cheat sheet on how strings can be manipulated for programming use.

Use the print function to display your string output to the console:

print(‘String’)Output: String

Set a string to a variable and check…

Hi everyone, welcome back. In this article, I’m going to tell you about the benefits of learning Python. This will apply to those who haven’t learned a programming yet and to those who are familiar with another programming language.

Learning a Programming Language for the First Time

If you have no or minimal experience working with programming languages, Python is a relatively easier language to learn compared to some others. The simplicity of Pythons syntax and ease of use makes it a wanted programming language. Python is an interpreted language which means that the program runs each line of code individually. …

Hi everyone, welcome back. This guide purpose is to help you understand the different HTTP request methods. If you are a web developer or a software engineer working with API endpoints then you may have heard or used HTTP request methods.


What is HTTP? HTTP stands for “Hypertext transfer protocol” and it is used to interact with resources on the web. The request methods are used to interact with the resources and each method will be different depending on the action the user wants to take.


The GET method is used to retrieve a resource from a given URI. This…

Hi everyone, welcome back. This guide will list each HTTP status code and a brief explanation of what each HTTP status code means. If you are wanting to become a web developer or already are one, then you will be working with HTTP status codes. Even if you are a non-developer and you’ve browsed the web, you may have already encountered a 403 forbidden, or a 404 page not found error.

HTTP Status Code

The HTTP status codes are responses to indicate if requests made to the server have been completed successfully. …

Hi everyone, welcome back. In this article, I’ll go over some common issues that may occur while working on a project that uses multithreaded programming.

Multithreaded Programming

What is multithreaded programming? Simply put, you can think of a thread as a set of instructions to run in your program. Multithreading occurs when more than one thread is executed at the same time. A number of headache inducing issues may occur when attempting to write a multithreaded program. Some common issues include deadlocks, livelocks, and starvation.


A deadlock occurs when two threads are stuck waiting on each other. Say that thread A is…

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